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Women's hair cut & design                                 $48 & up

Wash and blow dry                                               $35 & up

Men's hair cut & design                                      $15 & up

Full Foil highlighting:                                          $125 & up

Full Foil high and low lighting:                         $125, & up 

Full foil and root color :                                     $125 & up

Partial foil :                                                          $85 & up
Partial foil with root color:                                $100 & up

Root Color:                                                         $65 & up

All over full color : $80  
Corrective coloring Priced upon consultation  

Steam conditioning treatment                        $50

Relaxers:                                                              $65

 Specialty wraps:                                               $85

Permanent waving:                                          $65

Hair Extensions
Micro Links Hair Extension Systems
The best hair extension. There is no glueing, bonding or damage done to your own hair.
It's quick easy and invisible.
I have extensive experience with this technique.
 ( Price apon consultation)

​*Hand tied weft extensions coming soon!!


 Smoothing Keratin Treatment™ is a revoluntionary treatment for all kinds of hair. This is an intense treatment that leaves hair soft, shiny and frizz free for up to 4 months

Waxing is an effective and cleaner form of hair removal that promotes a slower and lighter growth of hair. 

Initial Eyebrow Design                             $12 

Brow and Lip                                             $20
Lip                                                             $10
Brow+Lip+Chin                                         $20 
Full Face                                                    $25

291 Providence Street West Warwick RI